Chopin Songs in Starnberg

"Six songs for mezzosoprano and piano, presented by Anja Securius and John Webber, were a rare treat. Thanks to fine technique and an atmospheric interpretation they conjured up the poetic mood of the early Romantic period." Die Süddeutsche Zeitung, Starnberger edition

Song Recital in Wachenheim

" immaculate, cultured, well-balanced voice." "Anja Securius interpreted six of the brief songs (Wolf's Italian Songboook)very expressively and with humor...She mastered with ease in every song the long phrases, quick changes and broad range." Die Rheinpfalz

Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde" in Trier

Anja Securius sang the contemplative movements with a a magnificently soaring warm mezzo-soprano voice, and was also convincing in the dramatic eruptions. An enchanting sound quality, for example in the famous passage 'O sieh, wie eine Silberbarke schwebt der Mond'..." Trierischer Volksfreund

Song recital in Halberstadt

"With her opening song 'Auf Flügeln des Gesanges' by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy she carried her well-tempered mezzo to a hovering, musically euphonius atmosphere. With long phrases and flowing sound she unfurled the spiritual dimension of the romantic tonal world of the moonlit night..."

"The evening ended much too soon with favorite melodies of musical-master George Gershwin; Anja Securius clearly proved herself a singing artist with exceptionally appealing song interpretations." Halberstädter Volksstimme

"Octavian" in Saarbrücken

"Anja Securius sang the role of Octavian with increasing intensity. She developed her Octavian from the role of the lover moving to the real love for Sophie; an unconcerned youth, who often has difficulty in his immaturity confusing cheerfulness with emotions." Die Rheinpfalz

"...there were many outstanding performances: Anja Securius as Octavian; astonishing that she complete her artist's diploma a short while ago..." Saarheimat

As "Muse-Nicklausse" in Schwerin

"Anja Securius pleased us as Hoffmans confidant Nicklausse, who transformed from the Muse, accompanies him on the adventure with a good appearance and fresh singing voice." Schweriner Zeitung

As "Muse-Nicklausse" in Saarbrücken

"Nicklausse, his adlatus, appeared so successful because the mezzo-soprano (Anja Securius) used her voice decently, wisely and softly." Wormser Zeitung

Operetta gala in Zweibrücken

"The mezzo-soprano Anja Securius...enraptured with an astonishlingly mature voice. The aria of Prince Orlofsky...and the 'Seguidilla ' from Bizet's Carmen were the proof." Zweibrücker Zeitung

As "Nancy" in Stendal

"...the guest singer Anja Securius brought a refreshing new color to the ensemble. Securius sings the role of Nancy, the first lover, who plays an essential part in Albert Herring's rebellion against his mother. No wonder, with that beautiful voice!" Stendaler Volksstimme

"Frauenliebe und -leben" in Saarbrücken (Ballet)

"...Anja Securius presented the songs beautifully and excellently articulated..." Saarbrücker Zeitung

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