REVIEWS (excerpts)

Chopin's Ballade in F minor, Starnberg (Concert of the Munich Pianists' Club)

"At the end of the concert, John Webber gave a perfect performance of the ballade in F minor Op. 52: With compelling dramatic logic he revealed a gently shaded intimate view of a reflective, melancholy Chopin." Die Süddeutsche Zeitung, Starnberger Ausgabe

"Die lustigen Weiber" (Nicolai) in Wolfenbüttel

"The overture was filled with Italian lightness. John Lawson Webber securely led the musically precise orchestra, and also led the chorus skillfully and with precision." Wolfenbüttel Anzeiger

"Hänsel und Gretel" in Wolfenbüttel

"The orchestra under John Lawson Webber`s direction accompanied the chorus and soloists securely and sensitively. The precision and delight in music-making which permeated the entire performance captured the enthusiastic audience until the last tone." Wolfenbüttel Anzeiger

"The Elixir of Love" in Goslar

"The orchestra under the John Lawson Webber`s circumspect direction did justice to the work, the tempi were well-chosen, the conductor spurred on his musicians, so that Donizetti`s music emerged in a first-rate fashion from the orchestra pit." Goslar Zeitung

"The Nutcracker" in Halberstadt

"The orchestra outdid itself under the direction of John Lawson Webber. Sonorous splendor with rhythmic agility supported the choreography." Magdeburg Volksstimme

"West Side Story" in Rüsselsheim

"The orchestra was perfectly prepared by Webber, did not need a "warm-up". Whether Latin-American rhythms, or jazz and blues, or moving backgrounds for Maria and Tony`s solos and duets, or increasing drama in the second act: the orchestra delineated in remarkable fashion the moods on stage." Rüsselsheim Zeitung

"Ariadne auf Naxos" in Arizona

"Conductor John Lawson Webber prompts expressive and precise playing from the pit orchestra, which consists of Phoenix Symphony players. I especially liked the cooly fluent wind playing." The Arizona Daily Star

"Especially worthy of mention is the the performance of the Phoenix Symphony, which under the leadership of its young conductor, John Lawson Webber, never overpowered the voices." Das Opernglas

Subscription Symphony Concert in Halberstadt

"John Lawson Webber led the orchestra--in top form--to a clear, natural reading of the "William Tell" Overture of Gioacchino Rossini."
"...The orchestra understood the composer Elgar`s wishes: it structured the diversely figured thematic elements with sonorous subtlety." (Elgar`s Enigma Variations) Halberstadt Volksstimme

"Tosca" in Stendal

"And last but not least--the Halberstadt orchestra under John Lawson Webber played musically, accompanying subtly, erupting with grandeur at the dramatic high points, and colorfully lyrical in corresponding orchestral passages." Altmark Zeitung

"The orchestra, led by John Lawson Webber, played with clarity, seething dramatically where called for, accompanying sensitively with sensuous lyricism." Stendal Volksstimme

"Eine Nacht in Venedig" in Halberstadt, Stassfurt and Stendal

"John Lawson Webber led the orchestra securely, and made "old Strauss" sound fresh." Halberstadt Volksstimme

"The orchestra played flawlessly; from the beginning of the ouverture the richness of the melodic ideas and charm were apparent." Salzland-Kurier Stassfurt

"John Lawson Webber led the orchestra, conducting with a light hand. From the beginning of the ouverture he shaped the melodies clearly and with verve, and masterfully led his singers through the reefs of the plot." Altmark Zeitung

"Martha" in Stassfurt

"The orchestra`s musical accomplishment was excellent; the voices were not covered, and the orchestra harmonized perfectly with the stage, singers and chorus." Salzland-Kurier Stassfurt

"Tosca" in Arizona

"The orchestra was every bit as important a player as the principals, and John Webber`s fluid conducting made every orchestral interlude as rich and meaningful as one could ask. This is a suberb production!" Tucson Citizen

"And I live and die for the kind of `Te Deum` Arizona Opera`s choristers and conductor John Webber`s pit musicians summon. The singers` soaring and brass- accompanied unison line unison line, coupled with the thump of mighty orchestral climaxes, have seldom sounded so moving." Arizona Daily Star

"Die Fledermaus" in Arizona

"Support from the pit was likewise superb--finely balanced, idiomatically detailed and robustly played." Tucson Citizen

"While the cast`s singers conquered its challenges, the same must be said of the pit, conducted by John Webber. Arizona Opera`s musicians now comprise a solid, confident-sounding orchestra." Arizona Daily Star

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